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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

RELEASE DAY REVIEW: Wilde in Love by Eloisa James

Title: Wilde in Love 
Author: Eloisa James 
Series: Wildes of Lindow Castle, #1
Publisher: Avon 
Publication Date: October 31, 2017

Lord Alaric Wilde, son of the Duke of Lindow, is the most celebrated man in England, revered for his dangerous adventures and rakish good looks.

Arriving home from years abroad, he has no idea of his own celebrity until his boat is met by mobs of screaming ladies. Alaric escapes to his father’s castle, but just as he grasps that he’s not only famous but notorious, he encounters the very private, very witty, Miss Willa Ffynche.

Willa presents the façade of a serene young lady to the world. Her love of books and bawdy jokes is purely for the delight of her intimate friends. She wants nothing to do with a man whose private life is splashed over every newspaper.

Alaric has never met a woman he wanted for his own…until he meets Willa. He’s never lost a battle.

But a spirited woman like Willa isn’t going to make it easy…

The first book in Eloisa James’s dazzling new series set in the Georgian period glows with her trademark wit and sexy charm—and introduces a large, eccentric family. Readers will love the Wildes of Lindow Castle!

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Sonja's Review

I read Ms. James for the first time this January with her Seven Minutes in Heaven and I completely loved it! I had no doubt that I wanted to read her again, so when I heard about her next book coming out, Wilde in Love, I could not wait to read it. It has been in the back of my mind ever since and as soon as it showed up on my kindle, I started it. Wilde in Loveand Ms. James did not disappoint me, I fell in love with the characters, especially the Wildes, and the story - it was absolutely wonderful! 

One of my favorite aspects when it comes to Willa is how she didn't fall at Alaric's feet in adoration and how unimpressed she was with tales or notoriety. She without a doubt made him work to be worthy of her and I always love that. There is a lot more to love about Willa though. She's smart and kind with a good sense of humor and she likes to follow her rules and what's good and proper - well, in public anyway, in private with Alaric is a different story. Willa is a fantastic heroine and it wasn't hard to love her at all. 

It wasn't hard to love Alaric either - he made it pretty easy really. He's bound and determined to have Willa and he's going to convince her that's she's his no matter what. He's possessive and protective, he's mischievous and a little bit naughty. Alaric has the best personality, he can be serious, but he's also very fun and playful too. Alaric is the complete package and there's no question in my mind that he will steal your heart just like he did mine! 

Wilde in Love might not have made me laugh as much as Seven Minutes in Heaven did, but it's still a light, fun, humorous tale full of shenanigans, plots, and a couple of twists thrown in. Wilde in Love was intriguing, consuming, and heart melting. There were moments that squeezed my heart, but for most of the journey, Wilde in Love either had me smiling, grinning, or laughing. It was such an excellent book, it was so heartwarming and I positively loved it. 

Wilde in Love is the first book in the Wildes of Lindow Castleseries, it's told from Alaric and Willa's POV, and while they do get their happily-ever-after, you will definitely be wanting more from these Wildes!

~ 5 Stars

About the Author: 
New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa's very first book that she "found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar"; later People Magazine raved that "romance writing does not get much better than this." Her novels have repeatedly received starred reviews from Publishers' Weekly and Library Journal and regularly appear on the best-seller lists. After being a finalist for a RITA—the top award in the genre of romance fiction awarded by the Romance Writers of America—over ten times, she won in 2013.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

REVIEW TOUR: Midnight Unleashed by Lara Adrian

We are so thrilled to be bringing you the Release Day Launch for Lara Adrian's MIDNIGHT UNLEASHED, the latest novella in the Midnight Breed series, brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights. Be sure to grab your copy of this sexy paranormal novella today!



Return to New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian’s “addictively readable” (Chicago Tribune) Midnight Breed vampire romance series with a pulse-pounding novella of paranormal seduction and dangerous thrills, where an icy immortal beauty and a lethal Gen One Hunter must confront a powerful enemy while struggling to deny the irresistible calling of their blood.

Grab your copy today!

Sonja's Review

It’s been too long since I’ve read the Breed series and while I’ve missed some details, Midnight Unleashed has left me eager to get on the stick and get all caught up! This world has become even more intriguing and Midnight Unleashed held me captive from the very beginning and all the way through. It was a wonderful little story and I’m a bit sad that’s it’s over, but I’m glad that I finished it too. 

Sia might seem prim and proper and aloof at first, but she’s very warm and passionate. Sia is strong and brave and she can definitely take care of herself in general and in fight. In short, she’s a total boss and I completely loved her. I loved her determination, stubbornness, and her kind, warm heart. 

I always love a grumpy, grouchy beast of a man and Trygg was no different. Yes, there are times when he made me shake my head and roll my eyes, but I love quiet, gruff Trygg. He’s smart and good and just as passionate as Sia even if he doesn’t show it much. And he’s lost when he comes to Sia, he’s possessive and protective and utterly hers. I just loved Trygg for all of his parts and I’m sure that he’ll steal into your heart too. 

Midnight Unleashed will tug at your heartstrings, vex you, snare you, and put a smile on your face. It is full of action, anticipation, steam, and heart. I had such a good time reading Midnight Unleashed and I can’t wait until I can read more Breed books! Midnight Unleashed was so fantastic and I positively loved it! 

Midnight Unleashed can be read as a standalone, it’s told from Trygg and Sia’s POV, and they do get their happily-ever-after. 
~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars 

While he’d sure as hell rather be surrounded by his tech equipment at the command center, Trygg couldn’t find much to object to as he followed Sia up an exterior staircase to a private third-floor entrance of the house. As irritated as he was after her power play in the car just now—not to mention her earlier act of defiance that had rattled him more than he cared to admit, even to himself—it was hard to think about much else except the rhythmic sway of her hips as she mounted the old iron steps.
Very hard.
Her long, elegant spine and firm backside were a temptation that stoked a growing heat inside him as he stalked up the climb behind her. Everything male in him burned with desire. Everything Breed in him hungered for her too. If she chanced a look over her shoulder, it would be damn close to impossible to hide the amber lighting his irises or the press of his sharp fangs as they filled his mouth.
Letting her win just now was a mistake he already regretted, but that’s where her control was going to end. He’d go inside as she insisted and they’d do a cursory look through the rest of the items they’d brought with them. He would point out something or other so she’d have a bone to chew on, then he’d take everything back to the command center and dig into the meat of the scant evidence alone.
The way he preferred to operate.
He scowled at her when they reached the top of the stairs. “Is this the way you sneak in all the men you bring home with you?”
“Only the surly ones.” Her blonde brow arched over her long-lashed eyes. “And to answer the question you really want to ask, I’ve never brought anyone up here before.”
He didn’t want to ask that, so why did her answer give him such a healthy stab of satisfaction?

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LARA ADRIAN is a New York Times and #1 international bestselling author with nearly 4 million books in print and digital worldwide and translations licensed in more than 20 countries. Her upcoming release is FOR 100 REASONS, the third book in a contemporary romance series that reviewers are calling "phenomenal" and "one of the hottest series of the year." Learn more about the author and her books at


Friday, October 13, 2017

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Creed's Expectations by J.D. Hollyfield

Title: Creed's Expectations
Series: #Hotcom Series Author: J.D. Hollyfield
Genre: RomCom 
Release Date: September 18, 2017 

Books Laid Bare - “Loved every single word!”
FMR Book Grind - “5 Panty Melting Stars!”
2 Amy’s Love Reading - “J.D. Hollyfield really knows how to steam up the pages.”

Lies, lust, and wickedly intriguing expectations.
A fresh new start for Kasey Bishop leads her to a night she most definitely won’t forget. An inviting, yet indecent proposal that shows her she might not be as innocent as she once seemed. 
Deceit, desire, and the hunger for forbidden expectations.
She was off limits. That’s what made her the perfect pawn in Creed Monroe’s plan for revenge. Until he got his first taste. 
Explosive chemistry, heat, and an instant connection…these two might exceed each other’s expectations.
When the roguish bad boy is forced to come clean as his vengeful secrets begin to unravel, will Kasey continue to accept Creed’s forbidden expectations? Or will she have a few expectations of her own?

Creative designer, mother, wife, writer, part time superhero...
J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she’s not trying to save the world one happy ending at a time, she enjoys the snuggles of her family and three doxies. With her love for romance, and head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life.
J.D. Hollyfield lives in the Midwest, and is currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA's.


As soon as I started reading it, I loved Creed’s Expectations! I’m not surprised that I did because I love J.D. Hollyfield, but I have to say that Creed’s Expectations did surprise me. It’s still got the usual humor and sweetness, but it’s so raw and dirty too - I absolutely loved it. This book was totally amazeballs and I couldn’t get enough! 

I usually love Ms. Holyfield’s heroines a little more than her heroes, but while I still really loved Kasey, I loved Creed a little more! But that doesn’t mean that Kasey’s not awesome - because she is. She’s sweet and funny, a klutz, and while she’s certainly a good girl, she definitely lets all that loose when it comes to Creed. Kasey is full of passion and I loved watching her journey and becoming confident in herself and freeing her inhibitions. It was really Kasey’s personality that won me over though, she has such a good heart, it’s impossible not to love her - just ask Creed. 

And speaking of Creed - Holy Hotness - but that man is on FIRE! I mean, woo-eee, that man is something else! He’s raw and primal and oh-so-dirty, he’ll melt more than just your heart. There’s more to Creed than just the bedroom or anywhere really. Yes, he can be stoic and closed off and yes, he’s passionate and intense, but he can be sweet and thoughtful with Kasey. You know without a doubt that Creed is hooked on her, that he would anything for and to keep her, and that he appreciates her. I always love when that bad boy jerk falls because they always fall so hard and Creed is no different. I completely fell in love with this possessive, protective, sweet-only-for-her alpha man and I have no doubts you will too! 

Creed’s Expectations grabbed me from minute one and didn’t let go. I knew it was going to be good, but it wholly surpassed my expectations (pun intended) and was just so much. It made me gasp, it surprised me, made me sympathetically angry (you’ll understand when you read), and it made me laugh and melt. Creed’s Expectations was a dirty, passionate, wild ride full of heartwarming, heart pounding, laughable moments. I never wanted to stop reading this wonderful book - I just adored it! 

Creed’s Expectations is a standalone, it’s told from Creed and Kasey’s POV, and they do get their happily-ever-after. 

~ Sonja, 5 Stars

Friday, October 6, 2017

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: From the Ruins by Janine Infante Bosco

From the Ruins
by Janine infante Bosco
A Satan’s Knights MC Novel
Publication Date: September 26, 2017
COVER CREDITS Cover Designer: JB's Cover Obsession Design
Model: Michael Joseph
Photographer: Reggie Deanching, R+M Photography
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, MC, Bikers, Romantic Suspense



In every man’s life there comes a day of reckoning. It’s the day darkness is exposed and sinners are punished for their trespasses.
A day when loyalty is destroyed and a man is left in ruins.
When he walks away from his club and loses his religion.
Whoever said from the ruins they will rise again never walked a mile in my shoes or the pair of red ones I was left holding.

He’s bitter, cold and angry.
He’s seen his share of heartache.
Lived through tragedy and despair.
He’s my neighbor.
The man I know should stay away from.
The man who will destroy what’s left of me if I get too close.
He’s Lee Jameson, and I’m Layla Milano.
This is our story.
The story of two people left in ruins forced to rise again.



From the Ruins © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved by Janine Infante Bosco.

Excerpt: Layla

Running after Lee, I forget my kitchen resembles a small pond or that I’m soaking wet myself. Hell, I don’t even have a chance to process his actual name before he’s folding his large frame into my car. Shuffling down the steps, I hurry toward him making sure I don’t wind up taking another flop in the mud.
Finally reaching the car, I splay both hands over the hood and lean forward.
“Get out of the car,” I demand.
About to switch gears, he turns his attention toward me and narrows his eyes. The thought of him possibly judging me sets me off into a frenzy..
“You’ve done enough damage,” I tell him, smacking the palm of my hand against the hood. “I wouldn’t be in this mess if you could just keep your dick in your pants, but no, you had to go and pick possibly the two dumbest people on the planet to sleep with and now I’m the one paying with a broken car.”
“I didn’t actually sleep with them,” he mutters.
My anger doesn’t seem to quell and the more he sits behind the wheel staring at me, the more my hands tremble. Lifting them from the hood of the car, I applaud him sarcastically.
“Congratulations, you’ve spared yourself the risk of getting gangrene. Me, on the other hand, has to still suffer the consequences of your poor choices,” I spit.
“Jesus Christ, woman, I’m trying to make it right,” he shouts angrily, slamming his fist against the steering wheel. Seeing the frustration radiate from his features, I drop my arms to my side and narrow my eyes in disbelief.
Since the moment I met this man he has been nothing but nasty to me. Even when I apologized to him he acted like a dick. Now he wants to be helpful and I’m supposed to believe he grew a conscience over night?
“Why?” I blurt. “Why all of a sudden do you care?’
Clearly annoyed, he rubs his hands vigorously across his face before putting the car in park and stepping out of it. With one arm braced on the door, he pins me with those incredible eyes of his and I temporarily forget what we’re doing.
“Would you rather I didn’t? That change could be arranged,” he hisses. “Your car is fucked, Layla, and fuck me if I know why, but I feel responsible. Now, the man upstairs didn’t give me a whole lot of blessings but he gave me hands, and I’m damn fucking good with them.”
Unsure how to respond to his confession, I remain silent. I quickly learn giving him the floor is a mistake because what he says next breaks the little resolve I have.
“For crying out loud, haven’t you ever had a man help you before?”
His words slam into me with force and the weight of every burden I’ve been carrying drags me down. Willing myself not to let my emotions get the best of me, I swallow down the lump lodged in my throat and shake my head.
“Not without wanting something in return,” I confess. It’s a truth I didn’t realize until I was already on my own. I can’t say for certain that my ex-husband was the exception. He dangled that fucking house of his in my face for years. It didn’t matter that I was the one who made it a home, in his eyes I should’ve been grateful he put a roof over my head. I never felt as though it was ours. It was his and I was the woman who lived there.
Suddenly, it’s not about the car but about everything that has ever gone wrong in my life. Every single hole I’ve had to dig myself out of.
“Let me fix your car,” Lee says, dragging me away from my head.
Staring at him blankly, I shake my head as I give into the tears.
“I have insurance…shit,” I cry, wiping at my eyes. “I mean, I think I have insurance,” I amend, unsure if I paid the bill. I suppose it’s a good sign I don’t remember getting a cancelation notice in the mail.
“Oh God,” I moan, lifting my hands to my face. “I’m sorry,” I sob. The tears fall freely and I can’t keep up. Realizing it’s a wasted effort, I drop my hands and unload all my grief. “I’m overwhelmed,” I admit. “You’re right, this is the last thing I need right now. I have three kids who basically hate me since I left their father, a son whose favorite pastime is getting into trouble and a shit job that doesn’t pay the bills. Let’s not forget a house that’s falling apart at the seams. I’ve never felt more out of control than I do now, and every time I think I’m getting ahead, something else happens that sets me back. And now I’m standing in front of a man who is basically a stranger and I’m crying. I’m fucking crying and I don’t cry.”
“Shit,” he hisses, stepping awkwardly toward me. Lifting a hand, he seems to debate on what to do with it until he pats my shoulder uncomfortably. “There, now,” he mutters. “Pull yourself together, killer.”
If I wasn’t falling apart I think this would be funny. I mean we make quite the pair. He’s fighting a hangover and I’m having a nervous breakdown. While I’m dressed in pajamas, he’s wearing the same clothes as the night before and we’re both drenched from the waterfall inside my house. I have diarrhea of the mouth and he has no idea what to do with me as we play tug of war with my car. Not to mention my kids are on the front porch watching the whole exchange. Yeah, we look like a bunch of clowns..
A laugh flies past my lips and I cover my mouth with my hands to stop the fit of giggles that insanely erupts.
“Oh good, we’ve moved onto laughing,” he says, dropping his hand from my shoulder. Taking a step back, he shoves his hands into his pockets and stares at me like I have three heads.
“Oh my God,” I say, chuckling. “You should see your face right now,” I comment, grabbing my stomach. His eyes narrow at me.
“You playing me, girl?”
“No,” I hiccup, shaking my head. “I swear.”
Having had enough of me, he blows out an exasperated sigh.
“So, do we have a deal?”
“Wait,” I say, sobering up. “There was a deal?”
“Yeah, the deal is I fix the fucking car.”
“And what do I do?”
“Oh for fuck’s sake, stop. Let me do this. It’ll make me feel better and like your son, my favorite pastime these days seems to be getting myself in a shit ton of trouble. If I’m busy fixing your car then I’ll be too busy to make the next bad decision and it’ll keep the whores off the front lawn, both yours and mine.”
“I don’t have any whores.”
“Feeling better?” he questions, lifting an eyebrow.
My situation was hopeless, and no, I wasn’t feeling better about any of it but for some reason I wasn’t feeling weighted down by my life.
“I’m not sure,” I admit as I cock my head to the side and study the faint lines in the corner of his eyes. After a beat, I shake my head and break away from the hypnotic spell they seem to have me under. “I’ll pay you back. I’ll call the insurance company and put a claim in.”
“Whatever makes you sleep better, killer,” he replies. “Or you can make me a pot of coffee and we’ll be even. Either way, get out of my way and let me get started.”
“There he is,” I start. “I was starting to mourn the asshole I’ve come to expect.”
“Have no fear, I’m an asshole first and foremost,” he says.
We both grow silent for a moment and I swear I see his lips quirk ever so slightly.
“Thank you,” I murmur softly.
“Get on, girl,” he says with a nod.
Hesitantly, I step around him and glance up at my house. Three sets of eyes stare back at me and I’m reminded of the busted pipe and the list of things I was supposed to do today. Things I’m not sure how they’ll get done now that I don’t have a car.
“Jesus Christ, what is it now?” I hear Lee say behind me.
Turning around, I watch as he lights a cigarette. Taking the first long pull, he leans against the side of the car and waits for me to deliver my next blow.
“I don’t have a car.”
“Is this a delayed reaction type thing?”
“It’s just, well, I mean we’re not in the city. I can’t hop on a bus. I’ve got a busted pipe I need to fix and I was supposed to go into town today. And then there is school. How am I supposed to get my kids to school every day?”
“Lay it on me, killer, what do you need to do,” he says, pushing off the car. He ashes his cigarette before taking another long pull and leveling me with those eyes of his. “Aside from the pipe thing because I doubt you can fix that thing on your own..”
“How would you know? I happen to be very handy,” I defend.
“I bet you are,” he says with a smirk.
I’m not blind and as brief as it is, I watch his eyes scan the length of me.
“How handy are we talking?” he adds.
“I have a pink tool belt,” I blurt, feeling the slightest blush creep across my cheeks. In that instant, I remind myself that he’s the same man from last night, the guy who spent the night with two women. The man who yelled at my son.. The man I threatened with a pair of brass knuckles.
The thing is, right now, he doesn’t seem so angry. In this moment, he’s not the rancid devil menacing his way through life. He’s just another guy, someone who may just have a heart buried somewhere deep inside.
“I can take you into town,” he says with a grunt.
“That’s nice of you to offer but after last night, I’m not letting my son out of my sight and I didn’t see a side car attached to your bike.”
“I’ve got a truck, killer,” he retorts, jutting his chin toward his garage. “You and your posse can fit in the back. I reckon there ain’t any school on a Sunday, aye?”
“Aye?” I repeat.
“You need to go into town, I’ll take you and your tribe into town. We’ll figure out the rest—”
“Jesus Christ, please just shut up,” he interrupts as he clutches the sides of his head. “Go get your kids ready or whatever it is you need to do and let’s get a move on,” he growls. “But first, go change out of that wet t-shirt,” he adds, turning toward his house.
Embarrassment floods me and I glance down at the sheer shirt molded to my breasts. Crossing my arms in a feeble attempt to hide my nipples from him, I look back at him.
“Where are you going?” I call out as he reaches his steps.
“To down a bottle of Advil,” he says over his shoulder. “You got five minutes to get your ass out here.”
Five minutes?
Does he have any idea how long it takes to get everyone ready? It takes us five minutes to find our shoes.
“Thanks,” I shout.
He replies by slamming his front door shut.
And there he is.
The asshole.


Sonja's Review

If you’ve read Ms. Bosco’s Tempted series or her Nomad series, you know Pipe and why he’s in ruins, but if you don’t, don’t worry that I’ll spoil anything for you because I won’t. I’ll just say that ever since his ruin, I have wanted Pipe to get a happy ending and when I realized that From the Ruins was his story, I absolutely could not wait to read it! I tell you, I was so excited for this book, even more than normal when it comes to a Janine Infante Bosco book. And From the Ruins shattered my expectations and was even better than I was hoping for. It was truly outstanding and I wholeheartedly loved it! 

Layla is my kind of woman! She’s strong and fierce, she doesn’t back down, she speaks her mind and she doesn’t feel the need to make those words pretty or censored. She’s protective of her people and always tries to do her best and never gives up. Layla is a force to be reckoned with and it’s no wonder that Pipe couldn’t resist a wonderful, generous soul like hers. I adored Layla and she’s without a doubt one of my favorite heroines, although I think it’s safe to say that she is my favorite out of them all - I just completely loved her! 

And Pipe! Oh my gosh, seriously, I’ve always liked Pipe, I probably even loved him, but where did this Pipe come from?! The man is sexy as sin - I honestly had no idea, but I totally blame that on my crazy mind - but I loved Pipe for so much more than his physical allure. I can’t even tell you about him because I don’t want to spoil what he’s like for you, not that I’m sure I could do him justice if I tried anyway. Pipe wormed his way into my heart and completely stole it - I fell in love with that man so hard and he is definitely my favorite hero! 

From the Ruins can be read as a standalone, it’s told from Pipe and Layla’s POV, they do get their happy ending, and now here’s some Truths: 

Truth, From the Ruins broke my heart and made it ache. It made me want to cry and pull out my hair at times. 
Truth, while there is darkness, there is so much light and warmth in this book too. 
Truth, From the Ruins made me laugh and smile and grin so much and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading it or how much I fell in love with it. 
Truth, From the Ruins is beautiful, epic, and full of truth and love and most of all, heart. 

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars



Dear Reader,

Here we are again, off the heels of one epic ride and ready to embark on the next one.
Pipe’s story first came to me as I was writing Eternal Temptations and it’s taken some time to figure out who the woman that heals him should be. As it turns out, I didn’t have to look very far. All I had to do was look in the mirror.
Seems easy enough but when you’re telling a story that focuses on your own truth, you need to dig deep and find the courage to say what you’ve kept under wraps.
This story isn’t just about Pipe.
It’s about me.
It’s about Janine Infante Bosco telling you her truth.
It’s about finding a way to tell my story and move on when I’m still not certain I’m ready to.
Truth, I have been separated from my husband for two years.
Truth, divorce or in my case, separation---is ugly.
Truth, the children hurt just as much as the parents if not more.
Truth, it changes the way you interpret love.
Truth, it changes you.
It brings you down but you rise up and become better than you were before.
Stronger than you thought possible..
You learn to appreciate the little things and accept change.
My story isn’t over because one chapter has ended and you’ll find neither is Layla’s.
As always, I promise to give you a beautiful love story full of healing and unexpected surprises.
I will restore your faith in brotherhood and teach you family isn’t always about blood.
We’ll all be Property of Parrish in the end but first I’m going to torture you all a little.
Saddle up, the boys in leather are back!
The motherfucks will fly, people will die, you will cry and curse the day you ever heard of me.
The men are crass. They’re vulgar and they’re not scholars.
The Satan’s Knights are street guys who use slang and the grammar won’t be on point.
Some of your old favorites are back but if you’ve never read any of my books you will totally be fine. However, if the word fuck offends you—well, then this book isn’t for you.
If you’re cool with it then, let’s fucking do this!
Become part of this unconventional family.
See you on the other side,


Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.
She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she’s made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.