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Friday, October 7, 2016

RELEASE TOUR REVIEW: The Night Everything Fell Apart by Joy Nash

The exciting new paranormal series from
USA TODAY Bestselling Author JOY NASH

The Night Everything Fell Apart
by Joy Nash

JoyNash Books   October 4, 2016    370 pages   Book One: The Nephilim Series
Paranormal Romance / Paranormal Fantasy
Paperback ISBN 978-1941017012 / $13.99   eBook ISBN 978-1941017029*ASIN B01IRMBM68 / $5.99

In this fast-paced launch of Nash’s Nephilim series, descendants of fallen angels battle for control of fractured Nephil magic and the mastery of the human race.

Arthur Camulus, heir to Merlin the Sorcerer, has inherited the vast and perilous magic of his ancestor. With gaps in his memory and blood on his hands, Arthur vows to wrest the leadership of the Druid clan from Mab, its beautiful and deadly alpha.

Cybele Herne joins Arthur’s quest though she knows defeat will bring death or enslavement. As the young lovers race to find the lost staff of Merlin—their one hope to defeat Mab—a second enemy surfaces: a rival Nephil who seeks to use Arthur to resurrect a deadly evil from the legendary sorcerer’s past.

One fateful night a beacon of hope shines. When Arthur reaches for it, the forces of Heaven and Hell collide.

And everything falls apart.

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Q & A with Author Joy Nash

Q: Your new paranormal series is called The Nephilim. Who or what are the Nephilim?
A: The Nephilim are a mythical hybrid race, the descendants of fallen angels and human women. You may have encountered them before, since they occasionally turn up in books, on TV, and even in fantasy-oriented games like Magic: The Gathering.

Q: Where did the legend of The Nephilim originate?
A: Interestingly enough, in the Bible. Genesis 6 briefly mentions the “Sons of Heaven” becoming enamored of the “Daughters of Men” and taking them as wives. Their children were called the Nephilim. Another ancient text from the same period, the apocryphal Book of Enoch, gives a name to these Sons of Heavens—the Watchers.

Q: So the Watchers were angels?
A: Yes, two hundred of them. They were allowed to live on Earth in fleshy bodies, but were forbidden to have sex with human women. The Book of Enoch describes what happens when the angels ignored that commandment and took human wives. Worse, they taught the magic of Heaven to their wives and to their children, the Nephilim. As punishment, the angels were banished from Earth. Their children, who were considered to be unnatural demons, were cursed.

Q: What made you decide to write a series about the Nephilim?
A: A couple of things. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient mythology, art, and architecture. An interesting historical fact that has never been fully explained is how and why similar art and architecture appears all over the world during the same time period, when those ancient cultures had no contact with each other. The most famous example are pyramids—why were they built in Egypt and also in Central America and other places? Sphinxes, spiral motifs, labyrinths, dolmens and other similarities are found in ancient sites all over the world. There are various theories about this, from a lost city of Atlantis to a visit from aliens. And then there are the Nephilim.

Q: How do they fit in?
A: According the Book of Enoch, many of the Nephilim were killed by the Archangel Raphael, or drowned in the same Flood that Noah survived. The ones who escaped fled to all corners of the globe, each carrying a fraction of Heaven’s forbidden magic with them. This magic allowed them to become shamans and priests in ancient cultures, and may account for the similarities that exist between those diverse civilizations. The Nephilim in my new series are modern day descendants of these shamans and priests.

Q: Are your Nephilim characters good or evil?
A: Both. They’re descended from angels, but they also carry a curse. They’re considered demons by Heaven. As children, they are indistinguishable from humans, but as they reach adulthood and survive the ordeal that releases their magic, they gain the power to shapeshift into a demonic form.
In my story, the various clans of Nephilim that exist all over the world are constantly fighting among themselves—it’s a part of the ancient curse. Think Game of Thrones, but in the modern world, among tribes of demons. Each Nephil clan has a unique type of magic inherited from its Watcher forefather. The society of most clans is brutal. A boss, known as an alpha, controls the magic of his or her subordinates.

Q: The first book in your Nephilim series is called The Night Everything Fell Apart. Give us a preview.
A: The hero is Arthur Camulus, a Nephil and member of the Druid clan. The Druid clan is unique in that its most famous member, Merlin the Sorcerer, taught that humans were to be protected, rather than used. As the book opens, Arthur is in trouble. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got there. And he’s having trouble flying. He’s rubbish at controlling his new demon wings.

Arthur grew up under the control of Mab, a vicious alpha eager to usher him into adulthood and take control of the magic he will inherit from his famous ancestor, Merlin. Rather than surrender to that fate, Arthur plunges alone into a harrowing Ordeal. He emerges from the trial alive but barely sane, his body and mind assaulted by chaotic ancestral memories and turbulent magic.

The heroine of the book is Cybele Herne, Arthur’s best friend and lover. Mab has ordered Cybele to accept a Nephil she despises as her guide during her own upcoming Ordeal. She’ll be little more than a slave when she emerges, her magic chained to her master. But though she hasn’t yet faced her Ordeal, Cybele’s Nephil power is already stirring. When Arthur doesn’t return for her as expected, she uses her magic to make her own escape.

Arthur and Cybele reunite, but their trials have just begun. With Mab in pursuit, they search for the one magical relic they believe can save them—the lost staff of Merlin. But a hidden rival—the rival Nephil who murdered Arthur’s parents seven years earlier—is also searching for the staff.

It will take Arthur’s and Cybele’s combined magic, and all their ingenuity, to survive when everything falls apart.

JOY NASH is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal fiction applauded by Booklist for her “tart wit, superbly crafted characters, and sexy, magic-steeped plots.” Her best known works include The Druids of Avalon historical fantasy series and contributions to the multi-author paranormal series Immortals. Joy’s latest series, The Nephilim: Demons Among Us, launches in October 2016 with The Night Everything Fell Apart.


“Breathe, damn it. Breathe.”
Perhaps Heaven was watching. If so, Arthur was sure it was laughing. Cybele’s third breath was a choking gasp. Fear closed his throat. His arms were banded around her ribs. Too tightly? He forced himself to loosen his hold.
He lowered her onto the floor. Her lips parted. With trembling hands, he cupped her face.
“Come on,” he muttered. “Come on...”
She sucked in a breath, and then expelled it in a bout of fierce coughing. He rolled her onto her side and pounded between her shoulder blades. When at last the hacking subsided, he eased her onto her back. She was definitely breathing. But her chest rose and fell in an erratic rhythm.
“Cybele.” She gave no indication she’d heard. “God damn it, Cybele. Wake up.”
This time, her eyelids fluttered. He tensed, willing them to open. They didn’t. Her complexion was deathly pale, her lips a faint shade of blue. Fuck. Her hands were like ice. The red stripe across her neck might as well have been a lash against his own back.
He couldn’t bear to look at what he’d done to her. He gathered her into his lap and cradled her head against his chest. She shivered. His ran his hands up and down her arms, generating friction. If he could have brought her right inside him and given her all his heat, he would have done it.
A sick feeling settled in his chest. He’d remembered Mab, that bloody bitch, but somehow, he’d forgotten Cybele. How the hell could she have left his mind, even for an instant? She meant everything to him.
“Don’t you dare die,” he muttered. “Don’t you dare.”
He didn’t know how to heal with his magic. He tried anyway, pouring all the life energy he could muster into her body. His effort seemed to help. Her shuddering abated. The blue tinge of her lips yielded to a pale pink.
Her next inhale was less of a gasp and more of a wheeze. Her lips parted.
“Not...dying.” Her eyelids fluttered open. Their gazes locked. “Not even...close.”
He swallowed. “Are you sure?”
“ kill...than tha—” Another coughing fit took her.
“Bollocks,” he muttered. “Not again.” He urged her to sit up and lean forward, his hand on her nape.
She held up one finger. “Just...give me...a sec.”
The coughing abated. Her hand fluttered downward, as if it weighed too much for her arm to support.
“Take your time,” he said. “Take all the time you need.”
She nodded. Several long moments passed. Finally, she raised her head. “Better,” she said. “I think.”
He examined her more closely. When his gaze fell on her neck, he tasted bile. He might have killed her with his blind strike. If he had proper control of his magic, she wouldn’t have stood a chance. His mind started to run with the scenario. Ruthlessly, he choked it off.
She’s not dead, he told himself. Not. Dead. Not dead, not dead, not dead. Color had flooded her cheeks. Her breathing was still uneven, though. He grabbed her wrist and pressed the pulse point. Weak. He frowned at her eyes. The pupils were dilated.
She blinked up at him. “Dang it, Arthur. Quit looking at me like that.”
His chest eased a fraction. If she had enough energy to tell him off, she wasn’t dying quite yet.
“Don’t look at you like what? Like you’re bloody lucky to be alive? Sweet Lucifer, Cybele, what were you doing, sneaking down those steps? You scared the piss out of me.”
“I scared you? What about me? Next time try looking before you attack.”
“Rubbish. You should’ve let me know it was you.”
Her green eyes flashed. “Give me some credit. I’d have to be dumber’n a bag of rocks to call out before I knew—” She sucked in a breath. “—before I knew—it was y—” She dissolved into another round of coughing.
“Fuck. I’m sorry. You’re right. It’s my fault.” When she started to reply, he shook his head. “Quiet. Don’t talk. Just breathe.”
She pressed a fist to her chest and nodded. When the coughing finally stopped, she looked up and offered a wry smile. “You know, I think that’s the first time you ever apologized to me.”
He snorted. “Don’t accustom yourself.”

Sonja's Review

Ms. Nash has been a favorite of mine ever since I read her book, The Awakening, and when I got the chance to review The Night Everything Fell Apart, I immediately jumped on it! I've read about a lot of different paranormal creatures in my day, but never about the Nephilim, so I was very excited to read something new and Ms. Nash did NOT disappoint! It was positively amazing and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. 

Arthur can be a little grouchy and surly - not that I can blame him or that I didn't like it, because I did - but he's really a great guy. He's so sweet, protective, and devoted to Cybele. She is everything to Arthur and my heart didn't stand a chance against him because of that and I bet yours won't either. 

Cybele is exactly my kind of heroine. She's strong, stubborn, a fighter, and loyal to the core. She's brave and she will do anything she has to for Arthur - she completely has his back like he has hers. Cybele is truly just as much as the hero in this story as Arthur is. Arthur doesn't do all the saving, she saves him too and he'd be lost without her. Cybele is utterly amazing, she's someone you can be proud of, I know I am, and I absolutely loved her! 

The Night Everything Fell Apart was like a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs and twists and turns. It vibrated with life, excitement, passion, mystery, and discovery. It will capture you, give you goosebumps, have you bouncing in your seat, covering your mouth, and biting your lip and wondering what's going to happen next. It is beautiful, heartbreaking, heart melting, and wonderfully fantastical. Ms. Nash is a master at creating grand, elaborate worlds and The Night Everything Fell Apart was no different - I just couldn't get enough of this world and I can't wait for more! 

The Night Everything Fell Apart is the first book in The Nephilim series, it's told from multiple points of view, and Cybele and Arthur are in a good place, but their story isn't over yet!

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars


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USA TODAY Bestselling Author JOY NASH
Author Bio

Joy Nash is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author and RITA Award Finalist applauded by Booklist for her “tart wit, superbly crafted characters, and sexy, magic-steeped plots.”
When Joy was seven years old, she read a book about a girl who lived on the moon. She thought it was real until her big sister came along and messed up the story with the truth. Ever since, Joy’s been of the opinion that fiction is way more interesting than reality. She credits her love of tortured heroes to the Brontë sisters, her fascination with magical adventure to J.R.R. Tolkien, and her weakness for snarky humor to Douglas Adams.
Joy is the author of paranormal and fantasy romantic fiction. Her best-loved works include The Druids of Avalon series, her contributions to the multi-author Immortals series, and the Jersey Shore contemporary romance A Little Light Magic.
May the stories never end!


Social Media
twitter: @sunflowerM0M

USA TODAY Bestselling Author JOY NASH
Series Backlist

Immortals Series
The Awakening (Immortals Series) Montlake Romance, 360 pages, ISBN 978-1477831397
Winner, PRISM Award for Excellence in Paranormal Fiction, Dark Paranormal, 2008
“Fantasy romance done right.” All About Romance

The Crossing (Immortals Series) Montlake Romance, 324 pages, ISBN 978-1477806579
Finalist, New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award, Paranormal, 2009
“Mac’s personality is in full blaze. It is impossible not to fall in love with this man!” Romance Junkies
“Splendidly entertaining.” Booklist

Blood Debt (Immortals Series) joynash books, 156 pages, ASIN B00E6EHBIK
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The Druids of Avalon Series
Celtic Fire (Druids of Avalon #1) Montlake Romance, 320 pages, ISBN 978-1477806715
Winner, Readers and Bookbuyers Best Laurie Award, 2006

The Grail King (Druids of Avalon #2) Montlake Romance, 338 pages, ISBN 978-1477835777
Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice, Best Historical Fantasy, 2006
“Not since Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy has the magic of Avalon flowed as lyrically off the pages.” RT BOOKreviews

Deep Magic (Druids of Avalon #3) Montlake Romance, 385 pages, ISBN 978-1477835760
Winner, The Romance Studio’s Psyche Award, 2008
“[Nash} illuminates a dark age with fiery passions, political complexities, and an enchanting story.” RT BOOKreviews

Silver Silence (Druids of Avalon #4) Montlake Romance, 334 pages, ISBN 978-1477807125
Finalist, RT BOOKReviews Reviewer’s Choice, Best Paranormal Historical, 2009
“Spellbinding!” Paranormal Romance Reviews

USA TODAY Bestselling Author JOY NASH
Single Title Backlist

A Little Light Magic Montlake Romance, 338 pages, ISBN 978-1477806913
Finalist, Romance Writers of America RITA Award, Contemporary Single Title, 2010 Winner, New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award, Contemporary Single Title, 2009
“When you finish reading it, you have to turn around and start it all over again.” Bitten by Books

Looking For a Hero joynash books, 132 pages, ASIN B00E9CSP34
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“The characters felt real, imperfect, and well matched. I didn’t want the story to end.” All About Romance

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