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Thursday, November 17, 2016

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Holiday Heat: The Men of Starlight Bend by Jennifer Ashley, Erin Quinn, Calista Fox, Mary Leo, and Jennifer Probst

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Holiday Heat: The Men of Starlight Bend is now LIVE and features stories by Jennifer Ashley, Erin Quinn, Calista Fox, Mary Leo, and Jennifer Probst!

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Starlight Bend is a cozy Montana town nestled between glacial lakes and snow-capped mountains. This Christmas, holiday magic is in the air and wishes can come true--all it takes is believing. Visit us in Starlight Bend and meet five sexy, heartwarming heroes and the women who steal their hearts...

Snowbound in Starlight Bend ~ Jennifer Ashley

Haley McKee is furious to find herself stuck in the tiny town of Starlight Bend so near Christmas, helped out by the handsome Maddox Campbell, a cowboy who's not impressed with her fancy job titles and parents' money. In fact, no one has given her this much crap her entire life. But there's a lot more to Maddox than at first seems--he's a hard-working man who gives much of his time and patience to help those who have little. When a spark of Christmas magic promises Haley all she wants, will she make her wish with her head or her heart?

The Long Gone Girl of Starlight Bend ~ Erin Quinn

Kari has big plans that are about to pay off, and she doesn’t have time for tall, dark, and amazing Ty Timberlake. Ty knows he’s in trouble as soon as he meets smart, beautiful Kari. He understands her goals, but knows the rat race won’t make her happy. Kari is hell-bent on making her mark and moving onto the next challenge; Ty is determined to win her love and make her stay. As Christmas approaches, Kari begins to question what she wants. Should she stick to her plan and be long gone by the New Year, or choose the man who’s stolen her heart?

His Angel of Starlight Bend ~ Calista Fox

Anna Voss and Nick Hoffman are Starlight Bend’s star-crossed lovers. They were inseparable growing up, but destined for different paths. They haven’t seen each other in over a decade, but this Christmas, Nick returns home—with some startling surprises that turn Anna’s world upside down.

Love and desire have always burned bright between these two, but they’re both haunted by the past. Yet there’s a mystical entity working in their favor this time around—if they can open their hearts and minds to a destiny rewritten, with the help of family and a little holiday magic…

Ropin’ the Lone Cowboy of Starlight Bend ~ Mary Leo

Jolie Shepherd didn’t want to spend Christmas alone. So when she accepts an open invitation for a visit to Starlight Bend, Montana from her best friend, Jolie expects to pass most of the holiday season holed up inside a rustic cabin, not playing cowgirl with quite possibly the most adorable cowboy in the entire state. Red Weisman is a man who prefers to ride alone . . . that is until he meets Jolie Shepherd. Once they team up to grant a Christmas wish for a needy child, something magical happens between them. Now all they have to do is believe . . . but can they?

The Grinch of Starlight Bend ~ Jennifer Probst

Noah used to be a beloved member of the Starlight Bend community, until a tragedy turns to betrayal and drives him into solitude. His face horribly scarred, he retreats to his mountain top mansion—until a stubborn social worker asks for a Christmas wish to help a sick child. He never expects to fall for the spitfire, do-gooder, but when she offers love as the solution, can he let go of the past? When Josephine convinces Noah to host a Winter Carnival, she’s intrigued by the fascinating man hiding a bruised heart. But will her love be enough for him to take a chance on a brand new future?


Sonja's Review

It's only just recently that I've become a fan of Jennifer Probst's and I'll admit that that was what first drew me to this anthology, but after checking it out further, I was also looking forward to reading all of the stories too! And read them all I did, even though I wasn't sure I would have the time for all of them. I'm still not completely sure I had the time with my schedule, but it was absolutely worth it because I loved Holiday Heat!

Ok, I'll confess, I did not originally start out reading this in order (although I recommend you do because it's better and worth it that way) and as a result, I wasn't feeling it, so I set Holiday Heat aside for awhile before coming back to it. When I did pick it up again, I decided that I would just read Ms. Probst's story and save the other stories for another time when I had the time. I knew after reading the prologue though, that I should start at the beginning because I wanted to save it for last.

I was a little hesitant about Ms. Ashley's Snowbound in Starlight Bend because I usually don't read about cowboys, but from the moment I began it, I was completely sucked in. It was entertaining, witty, and engaging. It was the perfect tale to get this anthology going and it made me so excited to read the rest!

Erin Quinn's The Long Gone Girl of Starlight Bend was my first go-around and while I wasn't feeling it that time, I think I was just crazy because the second time I could definitely feel the magic of Starlight Bend! This one kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for our heroine to choose to be with our hero. It tugged on my heart, warmed it, and melted it - it was excellent!

Just when my heart was all warm and happy, there went Calista Fox's His Angel of Starlight Bend pulling on it right again. It was so bittersweet seeing Anna and Nick together again and I was rooting for them to finally get their happy ending this time. And just like they got their wish, I got mine too because they did and it was lovely to see!

I'd never read Ms. Mary Leo before, but I have to say that her Ropin' the Lone Cowboy of Starlight Bend was one of my favorites of Holiday Heat! It was humorous and beautiful and touching. I really loved it and I'll be on the lookout for more of Ms. Leo's writing!

And finally the time came for Jennifer Probst's The Grinch of Starlight Bend and I couldn't have been happier with it! It was so Grinch-ian and reminded me of The Beauty and The Beast and that was my favorite thing because I'm a total sucker for any tale like that one. It was just wonderful and I absolutely loved it!

Although, honestly, I loved all of the Holiday Heat stories! You could truly feel the magic of Starlight Bend in each and every one of these authors' offerings. It was beautiful, sexy, passionate, and so full of love and magic - it's perfect to read for the holidays. I'm a little sad to say goodbye, but I hope they revisit that little town of Starlight Bend because I wholeheartedly fell in love with it!

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars






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