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My Booklandia

Thursday, July 7, 2016

RELEASE DAY BLITZ REVIEW: Power by Fiona Davenport

Mafia Ties: Brandon & Carly #2
Fiona Davenport
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
  Available on Kindle Unlimited
Carly O’Reilly never wanted the power that came from being the head of her Irish mob family. With her father’s well-deserved death and Brandon DeLuca by her side, she’s ready to shake things up in her new role. But what happens when Brandon has another position in mind for heras his wife?

Please note: Brandon & Carly’s romance is a three-part story, but there are no relationship cliffhangers.
Power is book two in Brandon and Carly's story.

As Carly takes over her father's organization, there are a lot of people unhappy about the change. As the wedding for Brandon and Carly nears, things are starting to escalate, but  Brandon isn't going to let anything happen to his woman, even if he has to go on a rampage to do it. 

It might be a cliffy, but Brandon and Carly's relationship is solid. 

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

“You’re lucky I love your sassy side,” he murmured as he got up on his knees. “And that I’m beyond ready to feel your hot pussy wrapped around my cock.”
He flipped me over and tilted my hips up, slapping me hard on my ass. I yelped at the sting, and levered up onto my elbows so I could glare at him over my shoulder. “That doesn’t mean I won’t punish you for disobeying me. You might be a boss out there, but I’m the one who’s in charge in here.”
I wanted to argue, but what could I really say? We both damn well knew how hot it made me when he went all alpha caveman in the bedroom. Then he sank inside me, and I lost all train of thought. All his sensual torture had left me incredibly sensitive, to the point that it felt like I could feel every ridge and inch of his cock as it stretched me.
“Then fuck me like you own me.”
Balls deep inside me, he paused in his movements to look down at me. “You’re almost right. I’m gonna fuck you because I own you. There’s no like about it. You’re mine.”

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Hello! My name is Fiona Davenport and I'm a smutoholic. I've been reading raunchy romance novels since... well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to write sexy stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their books on the steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is kind of awesome since I've always wanted one.


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