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Friday, March 11, 2016

BLOG TOUR SERIES REVIEW: The Bound Trilogy by Kendra Leigh

*~*~* The Bound Trilogy *~*~*
Amazon bestselling Bound Trilogy is relentlessly sexy and emotionally deep -- a tangled, twisted, intricately woven love story with romance and suspense. 
Book: Bound For Hell (The Bound Trilogy #1)
By Kendra Leigh
Genre: Erotic Romance, suspense

Bound for Hell

Ethan Wilde. Billionaire. Business Man.
Passionate. Powerful. Persistent.
One of New York’s most eligible bachelors.

Angel Lawson. Photographer. Gallery Owner.
Burdened. Beautiful. Broken.
A woman bound by the ropes of her sins and forgotten past, fearful of her future.

A chance encounter…

Consumed by guilt and tormented by the bonds of a tragic past, Angel Lawson’s life has been a solitary journey, condemned to live without love. In order to preserve her damaged soul from further rejection, sex is as close to a man as she ever plans to get.  She was already hell-bound for her sins. One more wasn’t going to hurt ...

... or so she thought.

When a passionate encounter throws her into the world of Ethan Wilde, Angel is helpless to resist the irrefutable desire and depth of raw emotion he ignites in her.
Ethan is as intense as he is sinfully sexy. Irretrievably captivated by Angel, he seems just as intent on understanding her naked soul as he is desperate to possess every inch of her naked body.

Angel craves his touch like a drug and yearns for the love he promises, but surrendering to the feelings he’s unearthed will mean exposing her fears and releasing the demons buried for a lifetime.

Exposing her heart will leave it at risk of being broken.

Will Angel choose to leave her life of solitude behind, or is the choice no longer hers?

Ethan Wilde is used to getting what he wants … and what he wants is Angel.

Start this intensely erotic and suspenseful journey today …
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Bound For Hell - Excerpt

When we reached the apartment, I ran straight for the shower, leaving Ethan in the kitchen to start on the pancakes. I needed time to compose myself, cleanse my body and mind of the conversation which had seemed to sully the morning. Leave it behind, forget it. It was the first time I’d ever shared my shit with anyone, and it would teach me to leave it where it belonged. In my poisonous past.
     When I finished, I dressed quickly in jeans and a top, and padded barefoot toward the kitchen, squeezing droplets of water from my hair with a towel.
     Ethan had his back to me, unaware of my approach, and was slamming about in a rage, anger radiating from every pore of his body. As I came within a few feet of him, he seemed to lose it all together, and raising a bowl in the air, smashed it down violently into the sink.
“E, what are you doing? What’s happened?” I gasped, stunned by the vehemence of his demeanor. 
My presence startled him and he swung around to face me, his eyes dark, nostrils flared with seething rage. Seeming to war with himself, he opened his mouth to speak, but the words failed, as if they’d already begun to evaporate before he could form them. Instead, he just stared at me, his eyes dark and intense with emotion boring so deeply into mine that they seemed to reach inside my very soul.
Suddenly he moved, striding swiftly toward me and without a word, flung his arms around me, squeezing me so tight it stole the breath from my lungs.
“What is it?” I asked, fear gripping my heart with the frightening possibilities raging through my mind.
As if the physical contact with me offered sustenance, he relaxed his grip, his face angling to look down at me through glistening eyes. A profound sadness seemed to have engulfed him, a helpless, angry veil shrouding his usually poised mien. Then, as if to dispel the emotion that even impeded his speech, he shook his head and closed his eyes. As he did, a solitary, angry tear escaped from the corner of his eye and spilled on to his cheek.
“E, please tell me. What’s wrong?” I pleaded.
When his voice finally emerged it was hoarse, barely above a whisper. “You.”
Me? I was causing him this apparent agony?
“Why? What have I done?”

Sonja's Review 

I read Bound for Hell when it first came out and I immediately fell in love it! It captivated me, intrigued me, and wowed me. It was an amazing start to the trilogy and it definitely left me wanting more! 

There were times when Angel frustrated me but even when that did happen, I couldn't really hold it against her. She's had a heartbreaking life and she's not normal - whatever that means. Angel is a unique heroine that I couldn't help but love and she brings out fierce emotions in me and the other characters. Angel isn't perfect - she still needs to do some work on herself, but she is so kind and sweet with a genuine good heart that I know that you will love her just as much as I do! 

And oh, I have no doubts that you will LOOOOVE Ethan Wilde! Not only is the man soooo HOT and sexy, but he also has the whole dominant, protective, possessiveness thing going on that I really love. Of course, I loved all that alpha-ness, but I loved how he felt about Angel even more. Ethan is so sweet and devoted to Angel that I never questioned how he felt - he's just wonderful! 

Bound for Hell gave me the feels almost right away and it just kept giving me them the whole way through. It broke my heart, brought tears to my eyes, and made me practically shake with anger, but it also melted my heart and made me laugh and smile a lot too! It is full of mystery, danger, heat, and passion and I absolutely loved and enjoyed it! 

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Bound for Salvation

Hell was hot, but the flames of deliverance might be the ones
to burn …

For the first time in living memory, Angel Lawson feels cherished.

Ethan Wilde has taught her that love is possible for all, even the sinners among us. The bonds of his love free her from the shackles of her guilt. Inch by inch, he’s slid under her skin, folding himself around her soul like a soothing blanket. His love nourishes her starving heart, and his passion fuels the scorching flames of her deepest desires, driving her to the blissful edge of sweet insanity.

Brick by brick, she tears down the protective wall she’s built around her heart, and the ice inside begins to thaw.

To Ethan, Angel is the sole reason he exists, the blood in his veins, the drug to his addiction. He vows to mend her, to help her confront her demons and come to terms with a buried past that continues to haunt her.

But what lies beneath the surface of Ethan’s past?

Pasts left hidden to rot become dirty secrets. Secrets that can tear even the strongest love apart.

And secrets have a habit of revealing themselves when least expected…

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Sonja's Review

I was both excited and nervous to read Bound for Salvation - I was excited to see Ethan and Angel again and also to hopefully get some pieces of the puzzle to the mystery from the first book and I was nervous because I knew that we would find out what Ethan had been hiding and I was just worried about it was. That couldn't have stopped me from reading it though because I knew whatever heartache or pain that might come from the secret would be worth it in the end and bring Ethan and Angel closer together - and I was right! It was worth it, it was a spectacular book, and I loved it even more than Bound for Hell

Angel was strong in Bound for Hell, but she could always be stronger and in this book, she did become stronger. She starts to learn about who she is and that she is special and she deserves to be happy and to be loved. Angel is still learning and she has quite a ways to go yet and I couldn't have been more eager to see her end result! 

I won't lie, Ethan really made me mad for awhile there - I wanted to shake the man and probably smack or slap him. But even though I was angry, I still loved him and when everything is explained, my heart just ached for him. Ethan is incredible and it's obvious how much he loves Angel and that he would do anything for her. He has completely stolen my heart and he is a hero I will never forget! 

Bound for Salvation put my heart through wringer, it made it ache and burn, but it also warmed my heart and made it swell with joy. Despite the tough times, I really did enjoy this book - it's beautiful and moving and full of life. It is truly a marvelous read and I couldn't wait to Bound for Nirvana

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Bound for Nirvana

The bonds of their love saw them through the ravaging storm to the promise of peace and the chance to breathe …

Angel once believed her soul belonged to the Devil. Now she willingly gives every part of her—mind, body and soul—to the man whose love mends her a little more each day.

Ethan knows Hell is no place for an angel, especially not his Angel. He would sacrifice his soul every day of his life in order to save hers.

Fuelled by an almost obsessive desire, their need for each other ignites a passion that most couples could find destructive, but instead the flames of their possessive vigilance only seem to feed the fire of their insatiable hunger. The slaying of Ethan’s demons has made their fortress of love stronger than ever.
But Angel continues to paper over the cracks of her troubled past, running from the demons that chase her and the nightmares that plague her. When a twist of fate forces her to confront them, she finally begins to accept that her repressed memories need to be explored in order to attain the peace she craves.

But in her search for Nirvana, Angel discovers far more than buried memories.

What happens when the worst nightmare you’ve ever encountered is the one you wake up in?
When the past comes face to face with the present to reveal a web of diseased secrets and lies?
And the only road you can take leads to one destinationHell.

Get it for #Free on Kindle Unlimited or
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Sonja's Review

I felt bittersweet when I started reading Bound for Nirvana. I was happy that I was going to get all of my questions answered, that the mystery would be completely solved, and that Ethan and Angel would finally be free to live out their happily-ever-after, but I was also a little sad that I wouldn't be able to see Ethan and Angel until I picked up the trilogy again. I soon got caught up in the story though and I only had those bittersweet moments every once in awhile. Bound for Nirvana was outstanding and absolutely worth the heartache, the tears, and the wait! 

Just like Angel grew with each book, I loved her more with each book as well. It was amazing to watch who Angel became from the start of the trilogy to the end. She really made me proud and I know she'll only go up from here. Angel deserves every bit of love, peace, and happiness and I'm so glad that she got it! 

Well, believe it or not, but Ethan made me fall even more in love with him. I could try to explain why and why Ethan is so great but I would never be able to do him justice. He is amazing, kind, thoughtful, patient, supportive, and a hundred other things more. Ethan is one of the best guys and he will always be one of my all-time favorite heroes! 

Bound for Nirvana is full of secrets, revelations, betrayal, and danger. It blew me away, shocked me, and left me stunned. It ripped my heart, stomped it into the ground, and made me want to cry my eyes out. It wasn't an easy read by any means, but it's not always hard either. It made me ecstatic and made me laugh, smile, and grin like an idiot. 

I fell more in love with the Bound Trilogy with each book! It is a beautiful, moving, outstanding series that proves the journey might be full of tears, heartbreak, and pain, but love really does conquer all in the end. I can't wait to re-read all these wonderful books and I absolutely CANNOT wait for Jackson's story!!
~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

About Kendra …
Kendra Leigh fell in love with words and reading as a young child. She was at her happiest when Enid Blyton whisked her away up into the magical lands at the top of the Faraway Tree with Moon-face and the rest of the gang.
Now, of course, she has more of a fondness for chocolate, cheese and hot men in suits – not necessarily in that order.
Kendra devotes her life to her devilishly handsome partner, scandalously beautiful daughter and cute as hell Shih-Tzu. She believes in love at first sight, and as well as writing and reading, Kendra has a passion for great movies and brilliantly written TV.
The Amazon bestselling Bound Trilogy is her debut series. She is currently plotting and weaving a spinoff series to feature well-loved characters from the trilogy.

Connect with Kendra …

Twitter: (@KLeighBooks)
Amazon Author Page:

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