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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

RELEASE BLITZ REVIEW: The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston

Title: The Unyielding 
Author: Shelly Laurenston 
Series: Call of Crows, #3 
Publisher: Kensington 
Publication Date: March 28, 2017 

Stieg Engstrom, Angriest Viking Ever, has got big problems. The human Viking Clans of earth are in danger of being obliterated—along with the rest of the world—and the only one who may be able to save them is a super pain-in-the-ass Crow. Most people annoy Stieg, but this is the one woman he really can’t stand…

Erin Amsel loves being a Crow! Why wouldn’t she when the other Viking Clans are so hilariously arrogant and humorless? She’s not about to let all that come to an end! She just didn’t expect to be shoulder to shoulder in battle with Stieg. Then again, he’s so easy to torment—and also kind of cute.

With the future of the world riding on them, Stieg knows he’ll have to put aside his desperate need to kiss the smirk right off Erin’s face. Wait. What? He didn’t mean that—did he? No! They have one goal: To conquer the idiots. Because nothing bugs Stieg more than when idiots win. If only he can keep himself from suddenly acting like one…

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Sonja's Review

There are so many characters that I love in the Call of Crows series, but Erin and Stieg have been two of my favorites, so I was beyond excited when I saw that The Unyielding was their story! I couldn't wait to dive into this world and see what Ms. Laurenston came up for us this time and boy, was it something. The Unyielding is definitely the best book yet - I absolutely loved it! 

Stieg... what can I say about Stieg? He's quiet and serious, but not too serious as to be the complete opposite of Erin. I'm trying to figure out what to say about him, but he's just Stieg. He made me laugh, he's protective of his friends and Erin even though he thinks she's insane. He has a sweet side, he will give you warm feelings inside, and he will make you love him - I know I do! 

Of course, I love Erin! She's made me laugh a lot in the previous two books and in this one. She's just so unapologetically her - she's confident, arrogant but in an amusing way, and so sure of herself. Erin is a total smarta*s, she thinks and moves a mile a minute, and yes, she's crazy, but that's what makes her fun. Erin is completely amazing and she's by far my favorite of all the Crows! 

The Undoing made me laugh all the time and a big part of that was due to Erin and Stieg, so I was expecting to be laughing non-stop with The Unyielding, but that really wasn't the case. Don't get me wrong, it's still funny and I still laughed way more than a bit, just not as much as I thought I would. I wasn't disappointed about that at all though because the story was phenomtastic. It was elaborate, epic, fascinating, and just plain awesome! Ms. Laurenston truly knocked out of the park with this one and I can't wait to see what happens next! 

The Unyielding is the third book in the Call of Crows series and you could read it as a standalone, but I would recommend reading them in order. It's told from multiple points of view and although Stieg and Erin get their happy ending, the ending will make you eager for the next book, but I don't think it will drive you too crazy. 
~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars 

About the Author: 
Originally from Long Island, New York, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelly Laurenston has resigned herself to West Coast living which involves healthy food, mostly sunny days, and lots of guys not wearing shirts when they really should be. Shelly Laurenston is also The New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author G.A. Aiken, creator of the Dragon Kin series. For more info on G.A.’s dangerously and arrogantly sexy dragons, check out her website at

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