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Sunday, May 15, 2016

RELEASE REVIEW: Hollow by Teresa Mummert

Teresa Mummert's Hollow is NOW AVAILABLE! 

When I moved to Hollow Point, Pennsylvania I had a plan. I would do whatever it takes to climb my way to the top of the social ladder, not caring who I had to step on to get there.
The girl who started that rumor about your eating disorder?
That was me.
The girl who made out with your boyfriend?
Me again.
The girl you don’t ever want to cross?
You’re looking at her, b**ch.


Lia's Review

The blurb for this book had me so damn excited! Normally I'm not into the YA/high school type romances. But as of late, I seem to be gravitating towards them. And most of them have been pretty damn good and not at all what I was expecting.

Hollow is only the second book of Teresa Mummert's I've read. And while the story was fast flowing and a relatively quick read I just felt like I needed more. There was so much that happened so quickly in this story. I wish some of it was expanded on, I just needed something more. It was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff I read, but tastefully written.

I did like Hollow. Something was just lacking which could have taken this from a good read to a great read.
~ 3.5 Stars

About the Author:
Teresa Mummert grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where she began dating her husband when they were only sixteen years old. They married at eighteen and soon moved to Louisiana as her husband began his military career. They are the proud parents of four children that they are raising in Georgia. 

Teresa began writing when her husband deployed to Afghanistan as a way to cope with him being away at war. She soon became a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Her work includes the word of mouth bestselling White Trash Trilogy which landed her a three book publishing deal with Simon & Schuster. She has also written the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel The Note and the USA Today bestselling novel Safe Word. Other novels include Perfect Lie, Pretty Little Things, the Honor series, Rellik, The Good Girls, Something Wicked, Crave, The Death of Lila Jane, Hollow (Hollow Point #1), and the USA Today bestselling novel Sweet Nothing co-written with Jamie McGuire.

Future releases include Hellion (Hollow Point #2), Shameless, Defending Her Honor (Honor Series), Cruel, Depravity, When the Memories Fade, Weeping Willow, Paper Doll, The Deep, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Rocked, Before I Wake, Fall to Pieces, Ash & Dust, and Victim. She also has a Middle-Grade children's novel coming out soon titled The Seeker under the pseudonym T.S. Mummert.

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