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Monday, April 11, 2016


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When life leaves you scarred...

Dexter Price hadn’t been the same since the day he lost his family and became scarred. Living with physical and emotional scars made him the angry loner that he was. Never thinking of a future with a family, he worked his life away...until one of his morning...

Elena Collins had her own scars that left her distant and all alone. A run in the park changed everything. After being knocked down by a careless bicyclist, she received a helping hand up from a man who she only knew from afar, but who had an important part to play in her past.

Their scars kept them from others, but brought them together. Can how they got them tear them apart?

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C.M. Steele is a mother of three and a wife of one. Being a voracious reader of romance novels, she decided to create her own heroes to fall in love with. Although, the process was harder than she expected. There were times when she wanted to throw in the towel and go back to work in the business world, but it was the few readers that kept her going.

Now she's living her dream of creating characters she loves and sharing them with other readers. She's had moments of doubt and disappointment, but the voices in her head want their stories told, so she must go on. The voices are always naughty, bossy males. She knows they are never to be resisted so she must comply and tell their tales.

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Lydia's Review

A super sweet, but possessive alpha hero makes this book a must have.
He is scarred emotionally and tragically from a tragedy in his past that changed his future. She is scarred as well... their lives have been intertwined and he doesn't even know it. And when he sets eyes on her... it is insta-love and he doesn't care what it takes, he immediately makes her his, not that she puts up much of fight (wink wink), smart woman!

I read this book in one sitting and loved that warm feeling I got from the love between the characters. This book has all the qualities that I love... the man, the love at first site, and the HEA. All of C.M.'s books have these which is another reason I am a fan of her writing. This book gets a very mushy five stars from me! 

~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

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